Permafrost Park / Packaging + Identity




Permafrost Park is a fictitious theme park located in Greenland. The theme park's style is based on the culture of the Inuits. Permafrost Park has a new ride called The Hunt - a slide where a guinea pig is hunted by a polar bear. To promote the new ride, three packaging designs are going to be created for the theme park's gift shop. The demographic are ten year old boys.



The challenge with this project

was to blend the Inuit style with something that would feel modern and exciting for a young boy today. The ambition was to create a color palette that would primary attract the demographic but not exclude girls or any other potential customer. The pieces of this project are 100% hand made.



Gustavo in Greenland / Story + Illustration


Gustavo in Greenland is a childrens story about

an Inuit guinea pig named Gustavo living in Greenland. Gustavo is on his way to meet up his friends at the coast, when he suddenly

gets lost.


I wrote the story and illustrated the book.


My aim with this project was to connect Lycoriscoris' sound with something that would feel both analog and organic. The artwork

is originally an abstract oil painting of a landscape, which I have later altered digitally to create the right style.

Wolfsonian / Poster for Typography Exhibition

Club Space / Tear-off flyer with Haiku Poems

Friday Fun

@_ jennyhedlund / My analog playlist for digital music

Discover great music!



A couple of years ago I fell deeply in love with electronic music. Since then I have spent hours each day listening to this genre. When I find an interesting artist or a great track I instantly feel the need to share it with others. The obvious thing to do in this case is of course to become a dj, but without skills and patience I decided to do it my own way. I opened up a new Instagram account and created "My analog playlist for digital music". Handdrawn track titles. (100% eco).

Medium packaging

The new park ride "The Hunt" is a slide where a guinea

pig is hunted by a polar bear. When you take this package apart it becomes two masks. Share with a friend and let

the hunt begin!


Large packaging

This large bag has invicible handles onthe inside. When you grab it your hand turns into a giant polar bear paw.

If you are lucky enough to get two of these you are all set!


Lycoriscoris - Drop EP / Cover for Anjunadeep

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